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Many companies have no real IT expert to rely on when it comes to evaluating new technologies or ensuring their existing technology is operating as efficiently as it should. A neutral, 3rd party can often be very advantageous when looking to incorporate new technologies into your business. We specialize in helping companies review, test, evaluate and ultimately choose new technologies to incorporate into their businesses. We provide professional IT consulting services to companies in Owings Mills, MD. Our expert IT consultants can help you with both new technology evaluations or existing technology optimizations.

There are two different ways you can work with us as your consultant. You can work with us on a project where we actively work with your team to determine the best solution for your company or you can work with us in an ongoing way where we effectively help you meet your IT goals in a more consistent and regular way. In the second approach we can even equip you with your very own vCIO (Virtual Chief Information Officer) who, in addition to ensuring your existing technology is running as it should and you are taking full advantage of your existing technologies features, is also committed to keeping your organization’s overall IT strategy on course so you can focus on your business. Your business will benefit from:

  • Better decisions – there are so many technologies available it's hard to know which one is the best choice for your company, but with our consultants we have the knowledge and experience to help you make the right call.
  • Complete vendor management – we’ll streamline the process for managing hardware, software and data back-up
  • Cost Reduction – Great IT consulting is not about helping people buy more stuff, it's about helping people get the most out of technology, our approach is to always do what is best for the client and sometimes that means not buying something new but making an existing technology work better.
  • Peace of mind – Say goodbye to buyer's remorse.  When you work with an expert IT consultant they can guide you through difficult decisions and help you avoid mistakes that have already been made and learned from.
  • Support whenever you need it – We become part of your team and are available when you need us.


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Client Testimonial

“I was needing to work late from home and could not log onto the VPN… I simply emailed [Advance] and in less than 2 minutes [they] replied. Within about 15-20 minutes [Advance] had figured out the issue and I was up and able to work.

…You guys are what I need to run my business professionally and not worry about the IT component.”

Judi M.
Managed IT Customer