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We Live and Believe This Stuff. Find out how Advance activated its 170 employees to provide greater support of local nonprofits and the causes that they believe in.


We Live and Believe This Stuff

In 2019, we launched a new initiative to continue our deep history of giving back to the community. The Initiative dubbed, We Live and Believe This Stuff, a play on our iconic tagline, is aimed to make an even greater impact in the community that we've called home for over 55 years. The basis of the initiative is to activate Advance’s 170 employees to provide greater support of Advance’s local nonprofit partnerships and the causes they believe in.

“We believe that it is our responsibility and honor as a local organization to advocate for and take steps to influence true change in the community that has been so good to us for nearly 55 years. We realized that when we mobilize our entire workforce in this way, we can contribute over 1250 hours of community service and that can have an incredible impact,” stated Advance president, Jeff Elkin.

This initiative was jump-started by a 2018 employee engagement survey that we conducted which proved something that the company has always known – Advance employees truly care about the community in which they live and work. One component of Advance's mission statement is to enhance our team members' lives, and the survey uncovered meaningful ways to support this mission for our employees. The biggest takeaway from the survey revealed that employees craved opportunities to take action in our community, yet were unsure of where to start. This paved the way for the We Live and Believe This Stuff initiative to take root.

Our Objectives

Advance is proud to continue its long upheld legacy of community service by empowering our team with the resources and opportunities to positively impact the community with their peers. The We Live and Believe This Stuff program seeks to fulfill the following goals:

  • Perpetuate the Advance culture of giving that Advance founders, Alan and Lois Elkin, created 55 years ago
  • Perpetuate strong community partnerships with both individuals and Advance Business Systems
  • Foster relationships among team members and local community
  • Provide employees with experiences and opportunities that they may have not have been exposed to otherwise

Community Partners

Advance has partnered with the following organizations for a community service day. Click to learn more about each unique mission, and what you can do to get involved!

Advance supported the Believe in Tomorrow Foundation by deep cleaning the premises, power washing the courtyard, building bookshelves for common spaces, auditing the pantry, baking truffles and cupcakes, and cooking dinner for the families staying at Believe in Tomorrow House while family members receive care.

Learn more about our time with Believe in Tomorrow >>

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