Interactive Presentation Technology


Developments in display technology allow businesses and educators alike many new options for information sharing. The Interactive Flat Panel Display (IFPD) presents interesting, high-quality, interactive presentations and opportunities for learning. Both educators and businesses report enhanced viewer attention as the large format display provides a much more fulfilling experience for the audience.

Discover high-impact presentation solutions for collaborative and interactive business and education environments. With the Interactive Flat Panel Display, you can:

  • Make any document or presentation interactive with touchscreen technology
  • Connect to additional devices – including smartphones, laptops, tablets and other IFPDs – for real-time collaboration and sharing
  • Share files, take notes and present rich multimedia content
  • Engage visual and audio presentations for various types of content with reduced operational expenses

Not Just for Education

For years, interactive flat panel displays have seen a lot of use in the classroom. Teachers often work with IFPDs, easily becoming very proficient at using them to enhance lessons and increase student engagement. It's not uncommon to see teachers using IFPDs with ease to highlight key points, display beautiful charts and graphs, and digitally share notes with students.

In the past, businesses had not been able to realize this type of success with Interactive Flat Panel Displays. The technology used to be notorious for its steep learning curve, and therefore, not many organizations invested in the technology since they did not have the resources to devote to learning the ins and outs of the device.

The IFPDs on the market today are incredibly easy to use and can raise business collaboration to a level that meets the increasing needs of agile work environments.

Companies with highly collaborative teams separated by distance can benefit greatly from these collaborative tools. In fact, IFPDs can drive ideas that result in more innovation, especially when used in industries where ongoing collaboration — particularly among remotely located individuals — is essential to success:

  • Architects can save space and time by meeting and collaborating over connected IFPDs and mobile devices in real-time to share and revise designs, schematics, blueprints and more.
  • Graphic designers can reduce revision cycles and improve the customer experience by manipulating objects onscreen and collaborating on colors, measurements and layouts.
  • Engineers can drive lean innovation by showing simulations on large IFPD screens, annotating on the spot and easily sharing the information digitally so everyone has what they need to problem solve.
  • Attorneys and their clients can share documents on cases and strategize together without the need to meet face to face
  • R&D teams can meet and collaborate in real-time with partners on the other side of the world.

The more of a need you have to collaborate in real-time — especially when using drawings, sketches and annotation — the more likely IFPDs will be invaluable to your business.

But even if you aren't in a highly collaborative environment, you can easily implement IFPDs at your office, you'll see a good ROI with the ability to:

  • Improve collaboration among your staff.
  • Deliver more engaging presentations.
  • Enhance the learning experience during training sessions.

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