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By acting as your fully outsourced IT department Advance takes the burden of IT off your plate, so that you can focus on achieving your mission.

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An IT partnership with Advance provides your organization with the expertise and support of a fully staffed IT department, so you have access to everything you need, from strategic IT planning to a day-to-day Help Desk. By acting as an extension of your leadership team, we are able to keep a constant pulse on your organization’s unique initiatives and goals so that we can deliver the solutions your team needs. You’ll get Managed IT support whenever you need it, cost predictability, and peace of mind when you partner with us.

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The Advance Process:

One of our IT experts will assess your situation - and even if we aren't the best fit for your organization, we'll provide a recommendation for another trusted partner.

Before you ever commit to a contract, we develop a SWOT analysis of your current IT environment with a strategic roadmap to remediate issues.

Once you partner with Advance, we become your IT department and handle all risk remediation while working to implement the tools and resources recommended in our initial assessment.

Did You Know?

of cybersecurity breaches are caused by human error
of Americans have never checked to see if they were affected by a breach


The reality is that today’s hybrid/remote work environment lends itself to cyberattacks - It’s only a matter of time until your business gets hacked.

On average, only 5% of companies’ folders are properly protected.

Cyber criminals are getting more sophisticated each day and having a fully remote or split workforce makes it easier than ever for them to infiltrate your business if you aren’t auditing your tools regularly.


is the average cost
of a data breach
for small companies
of organizations have 
experienced a security breach
because of a remote worker
was the average amount
of time it took companies
to identify a breach in 2020

Our Focus is on Prevention, For Your Entire Ecosystem.

Many companies rely on a reactive approach to IT service, but the capacity to operate at 100% is mission critical - your business can't afford downtime. We focus on preventing crises before they have the chance to occur with:

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Proactive Monitoring

We have a team dedicated to preventing threats from ever reaching your environment. We proactively perform updates and patches in the background so that your systems and infrastructure remain hardened to ever-changing cyber risks.

End User Education & Training

We provide regular security awareness trainings and webinars, featuring simulated phishing attacks and more, so you and your team can recognize a cyberattack and stop it in its tracks!

Monthly Technology Reviews

Receive a monthly report card on the health of your IT infrastructure and the technology components associated with it.

Strategic Reviews

We'll sit down with you and your team to ensure your technology is evolving to meet the demands of your business and your goals.

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The Advance Advantage

Reduced Downtime

We prevent problems before they happen so your organization never misses a beat. We have a dedicated team preventing threats in real time.

Threat Protection

We stay on top of data security so you don't have to lose sleep over the latest cyber threats and can focus on your business.

Strategic Planning

Your team will have a dedicated vCIO who will work in tandem with your C-Suite to plan for strategic initiatives and ensure you are leveraging the right technology to achieve your goals.

Vendor Management

We'll streamline the process for managing hardware, software and data backup. You will have one number to call for all of your IT needs.

Cost Predictability

IT expenses can be planned, not surprises. Don’t let your business get derailed by an outrageous IT expense. We provide a budget roadmap.

24/7/365 Support

Our expert team monitors your systems around the clock. Reach out to Advance anytime for support, we're here for you whenever you need it.

It's A Partnership, Not A Contract


“The Advance IT Experts are always very friendly and knowledgeable. It’s always a pleasure working with them!”

Nonprofit. Silver Spring, MD. Managed IT Customer.

“Advance’s response time and follow through was great, particularly given the urgency of our call!”

Maryland Real Estate Company. Bethesda, MD. Managed IT Customer.

“Every Advance employee is always very helpful. We love how you have patience in explaining both the situation and solution!”

Manufacturer. Baltimore, MD. Managed IT Customer.


Custom Industry Solutions


We specialize in comprehensive solutions for Architects, Engineers, Developers, and Construction. A virtual CIO (vCIO) will work closely with your team to develop a comprehensive plan for proactive maintenance designed to minimize your downtime. Refine your company's Disaster Recovery Plan and data security while giving your team the power to remotely and securely access documents at job sites with ease utilizing Mobile Device Management.


We build comprehensive managed IT solutions for manufacturing to maximize uptime and minimize losses. Your Advance virtual CIO (vCIO) will work with your team to develop a full-business strategy to proactively maintain government compliance and system security. Leverage Advance to make security and compliance a competitive advantage for business growth.

Learn how Advance has provided Tulkoff Foods, a Baltimore-based manufacturer of condiments and sauces, with proactive IT management and planning to drive their business forward and support their long term goals. >>


Our expert team leverages IT to help nonprofits grow their business and focus on their mission, not hinder it. Give your team the power to work remotely with confidence and securely access documents with ease with a secure Mobile Device Management strategy. Your Advance virtual CIO (vCIO) will work with your business to develop customized solutions to secure fundraising, all empowered by cloud technology.

Financial Services

Our custom solutions specifically support financial services and institutions. Work with our IT experts to develop a custom roadmap that strategically positions you for future growth. Ensure your business is compliant with financial industry regulations, including FINRA, while giving your clients the peace of mind that their sensitive information will remain secure.


Our customized IT solutions are tailored for healthcare organizations. Your virtual CIO (vCIO) will be your HIPAA compliance expert, working with your team to develop a comprehensive strategy for data security covering not just medical records, but emails, backups, firewalls, and system updates. Feel confident that patient medical records will remain confidential and compliant with current regulations so you can focus on the patients, while running your business from anywhere.


Our custom designed solutions specifically support the legal industry. Your Advance virtual CIO (vCIO) will work directly with your firm to develop a comprehensive strategy for data security and compliance so your team can focus on their work. We ensure all physical documents, sensitive client data and email correspondence is stored securely. Save your team time with remote and secure access to data, and work anytime with 24/7 helpdesk support.

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Even if your company has not been breached, your data may already be on the dark web. In 2020 alone, more than 267 million Facebook users had their data sold via the dark web, 73.2 million user records were added to the dark web and 164 million user records from a dozen major companies were exposed in a single data dump on the dark web.

Find out whether your company, employee and customer information has been compromised through our complimentary Dark Web Report.

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