Managed Print Services

Save Time and Money

Partner with the only brand-neutral, nationwide Managed Print Services partner who can manage your entire print environment to realize cost savings, transparency, enhanced security and improved workflows throughout your organization.


Do you know how much your printers and copiers are costing your organization?

Advance saves our customers 30% on average with a Managed Print Services Program.


What makes us different?

Brand Neutral

We are the only Managed Print provider in the United States equipped to immediately support all of your print equipment, regardless of manufacturer.

Nationwide Support

We don’t rely on 3rd parties to support our enterprise clients. Advance has a network of techs based around the country to provide the same service, wherever you need it.

Exceptional People

We are more than just first-rate technology, what we truly provide is our people. A team of honest (and awesome!) individuals who care about seeing your business succeed as much as you do.

Proprietary Technology

Our data-driven solutions reduce unplanned service events and help desk calls by up to 40%, optimize your existing multi-vendor fleet, and uncover immediate cost savings.

How We Do It

Our first step is to clearly understand your current output environment, including business processes.  Advance will work with any manufacturer. We can support organizations with one location or multiple locations nationwide. Advance takes a deep dive into the goals and needs of your organization with your very own Managed Print Services Analyst who conducts interviews with key stakeholders and creates a map of the existing state using custom software.

Once we understand the unique needs of your organization, we can identify vulnerabilities and provide recommendations such as fleet optimization, software enhancements, and process reconfiguration. We’ll address data security concerns, cost capture, and sustainability with technology and workflow optimization that includes:

  • A single point of contact
  • Real-time reporting
  • Secure print functionality
  • Cost recovery and bill-back technology
  • Sustainability and cost management tools
  • Automatic proactive toner replenishment
  • Automatic meter collection
  • Seamless Implementation

Once the solution is implemented, your dedicated account management team and Managed Print Services Analyst continue to measure, monitor, and manage your output environment. During regular strategic business reviews, we will discuss optimizations and provide extensive reporting.

Our proactive approach to monitoring and managing your print environment means less disruption to your resources, less downtime, and one single point of contact for your entire print environment. As a bonus, we are manufacturer-agnostic meaning that we can support any type of device under the program, including HP.

Managed Print Services Help Your Organization Realize:

One Fee - No Surprises

With one fixed fee that covers equipment, service and toner, there are no unpleasant surprises and only one monthly invoice.

Total Visibility

See who is printing and how much, and all costs associated with prints, equipment, supplies and labor.

Monitoring & Replenishment

We'll proactively monitor your security and usage, and even automate orders for toner when needed.

Empowered Workforce

Employees can focus on their day-to-day duties, instead of fixing printers or hunting for supplies.

Ongoing Guidance

Learn new strategies to maximize cost-savings and workflows and receive support and training at any time along the way.

IT Relief

IT teams can put their focus on systems and network, instead of printer connectivity, print firmware, and software issues.

Increased Security

Improve your organization’s information security with enhanced printing features that prevent issues before they hit your desk.


Why Advance?

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Trusted by Businesses Large and Small

Advance is proud to partner with outstanding organizations of all sizes! We value our deep roots in Baltimore and giving back to the communities where we live and work.


Frequently Asked Questions

Managed print as a service is a program that analyzes your print devices, recommends improvements to a new or existing print fleet, and manages the service of your entire print fleet, regardless of location or print device brand.

Yes! Advance is the only managed print partner with a national network of technicians who can service your current print fleet.

No. We enjoy great managed print partnerships with many types of organizations, including but not limited to non-profit partners and educational institutions.

Although it is often a cost benefit for organizations to upgrade their print fleet, it isn’t a requirement to enjoy the benefits of managed print services. We can go in on day 1 and support your technology.

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