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Simply your workflow and boost team collaboration with cutting-edge Document Management solutions.


Unlock Efficiency

Paperwork: We’ve all got it. But can you imagine a world in which your paper processes are shifted to digital workflows? Document management and workflow automation provide innovative solutions that liberate workers from the burden of manual paperwork by automating tasks and optimizing workflow efficiency. Our document management software propels your business toward a more organized and productive future. Embrace the digital transformation today and unlock a new era of efficiency!

At Advance, we can help set up your document management software to:


Digitize burdensome paperwork

Save Time_Adv

Automate tedious manual processes


Optimize your team's every workforce hour

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Financial Flexibility

Cloud applications, such as document management and workflow automation, are typically acquired based on consumption rather than volume, allowing for minimal upfront costs.

Clear Path to Value

We start small and scale accordingly. This approach is superior to the traditional method of making a large initial purchase, implementing it, and hoping for successful adoption.

IT Simplicity

The responsibilities for IT challenges like security, redundancy, and scalability are transferred to the cloud services provider, allowing businesses to redirect their focus toward worker productivity.

Trusted by Businesses Large and Small

Advance is proud to partner with outstanding organizations of all sizes! We value our deep roots in Baltimore and giving back to the communities where we live and work.


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