A Fully Managed IT Services Provider Can Revolutionize Your Company’s IT


In our younger days, we loved pretending to be firefighters.

Running a tech-dependent business can feel like the game never ended. We’re always rushing to put out the latest fire, only to see another one spring up somewhere else in the system. It’s exhausting, expensive, and inefficient.

A fully managed IT provider, like Advance, can take you out of firefighting mode so you can focus on growing your business.

Transitioning to our fully Managed IT Services frees you and your team from the time and responsibility required to run your company’s IT. We handle everything – from daily back-ups, to trouble-shooting and repairs, to strategic planning and upgrades. We continually monitor and capture utilization data, so you can make better-informed decisions earlier. We anticipate problems before they arise and address them before they threaten your business. And we can make sure that your infrastructure is right-sized now and poised to grow with you.

Equally important is how your company handles devices and data. A single data breach can ruin customer confidence and interrupt revenue streams indefinitely. If you’re in a regulated industry, failure to comply with security and privacy parameters can be not only costly, but the legal ramifications could close the doors on your business forever.

Worried about being in compliance with security and privacy parameters in your regulated industry? Read up on the latest business solutions designed specifically for legal, manufacturing, financial services, education insurance, health care, and non-profits.

Managed IT Services can greatly reduce downtime and lessen risk. Make us accountable for all of your short and long-term technology needs. You’ll gain time, cost-efficiency, and competitiveness.

The Real Cost of Downtime

Waiting for the inevitable system failure, then dealing with the fallout, can cost your business revenues and risk valuable client goodwill. It’s estimated that a single day of downtime can cost businesses $126,000, and lost revenues due to downtime have risen by 56% since 2010*. And that does not take into account the erosion of customer goodwill that can negatively impact your business’ ongoing revenue stream.

Advance moves you out of the inefficient break-fix cycle by proactively protecting your business from interruptions to hardware, software, storage, data, and telecom.

Find out how Advance took Tulkoff Food Products  out of the a vicious break-fix cycle to proactive, strategic IT support.

We monitor your systems continuously to ensure that orders go out on time, supply chains flow, and data is accessible, properly managed, and stored–so operations run smoothly and goodwill remains intact. You’ll never have to install updates, remember who to call for a hardware issue, confirm regulatory compliance- or back up critical data to the cloud…because we do it all for you, remotely and automatically.

And if a breakdown occurs, we get you up and running, 24/7. So if your systems fail at 3 a.m., we know at 3:01. We can have you ready for business by 8 a.m., even if the doors don’t open till 9.

Smarter Tech Builds Business

As an owner or C-level exec, you want to focus 100% on running and building your business. In reality you’re probably devoting significant blocks of time reacting to IT failures that kill productivity and profits. Transitioning to fully Managed IT can literally give you back that time. You’ll have an entire team dedicated to keeping your current systems humming. We will recommend and implement cost-effective, strategic conversions that let you capitalize on new opportunities.

My Role as a vCIO

Outsourcing some, or all, of your IT isn’t new, but our approach is. With Advance, a virtual Chief Information Officer (vCIO), like myself, serves as your central touch point to everything tech. Under the vCIO’s leadership, our team audits your current infrastructure and ongoing technology and back-up needs; creates a strategic plan; aligns processes and systems to achieve your business goals; and manages all vendors and systems for you.

First, the team gains an in-depth understanding of your business as it operates today and where you’d like to take it in the short and long term. We then create a personalized “Tech-Spend” assessment that shows you the time, resources, personnel, and money you’re losing to resolving IT issues.

Once the initial framework is established, your vCIO meets with you quarterly to ensure that the infrastructure supports your current business goals and goals for long-term growth. We listen. We analyze. We adjust as needed. It’s a true partnership that puts your interests first.

IT Solutions that Fit

We understand that all your company goals–IT related or not–are intertwined. From acquisition and retention to increasing sales, from improving supply chain to converting to the cloud, we take an integrated approach, putting in place processes and systems that support objectives across every segment of your operation.

Five Signs Fully Managed IT is Right for Your Business

For comprehensive, forward-thinking technology service, smart economics, and business growth, Advance Managed IT Services and a dedicated vCIO can be a valuable partner in your success. IF:

Visit https://advancestuff.com/solutions/managed-it-services/ to learn more about the benefits of adding a vCIO. Or call me directly at 410-252-4800.
*2013 Cost of Data Center Downtime Study – Ponemon Institute