What Does My Business Need from a Managed IT Services Provider?


Determine which solutions are a “must-have” when deciding on a managed IT package.

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Managing IT has become an overwhelming task for many organizations as innovations in technology become more advanced, and the risk of security threat seems more likely every day. If you’re similar to the majority of businesses who are considering hiring a third party to manage their IT, you’re probably feeling in over your head. And you may even be currently living out one of three common (and dangerous!) IT environments at your business:

  1. Your organization is small, or has expanded so rapidly that you have become the resident IT “expert” – simply because there is no one else to do it. You know that you don’t possess the skills or know-how to provide the level of maintenance that is necessary for running your business, and it’s frustrating how much of your valuable time is taken away solving IT issues for your staff. You just want to get back to doing what you do best – running your business.
  2. You have an IT person on premise who has been there for years, but you’re worried that he is not keeping up with the latest technology or trends to provide the level of cybersecurity that your organization crucially needs. He may be complacent with the technology that is in place, and when you inquire about change, he responds “Why fix something that isn’t broken”.
  3. You may have already hired a third party IT service to take the burden off of your plate, but you’re still finding that a lot of problems are cropping up day to day. You always have to call and report an issue, and you have to pay for the IT service to come out and fix it. Their strategy is inefficient and costly to your business.

If one of these frustrating and potentially catastrophic situations applies to you, you’re right in considering a 3rd party to handle your company’s IT. We’ve outlined common benefits and services that are available from the various managed IT packages out there. Choosing the right provider for your business will help you to finally get the IT burden off of your back, and in the hands of someone who can help you to leverage technology in order to grow your business.

What Services Are Available to my Business?

There are many different types of managed IT providers that you could choose to manage your company’s IT. They may specialize in certain verticals, business sizes, or technology types; and will certainly offer a different mix of solutions included with their IT package. It is important that you decide which services are “non-negotiables”, so that you can gain a better image of what type of company you should partner with. And not to worry, if you would prefer to have everything IT-related taken off of your plate, there are comprehensive IT service providers out there than can help you with everything from daily back-ups to strategic IT planning. Below, we have listed out a few of the common benefits and services your company may look for in a managed IT provider:

  • Reduced Downtimeby proactively monitoring your systems around the clock, a successful managed IT services provider should prevent issues before they ever reach your desk.
  • Complete Vendor Management – your IT service could manage your hardware, software, and data back-up relationships for you.
  • Peace of Mind – you should be able to get back to your core mission, and leave the IT to your service provider. Common services include: performing daily back-ups and software updates, and helping you leverage the right technology to achieve your overarching business goals.
  • Support Whenever You Need It – Just because the workday ends at 5, doesn’t mean that your organization stops working. Make sure before purchasing that your managed IT services provider is available should you ever need them.
  • A Team of Experts at Your Disposal – Your Managed IT Services team would ideally consist of engineers that are not only technology experts, but who have the know-how and certifications that your industry requires.
  • Strategic IT Planning – Monitoring your day-to-day is a huge task in itself, but if you’re truly looking for someone to take IT off your hands, you should look for an IT service that provides frequent, consistent strategic IT initiatives to help you to align your technology with your business goals now and in the future.

Do All of these Services Sound Like a Must-Have?

A comprehensive managed IT service provider is not right for every business. If IT is not mission-critical to your business, or you have an internal resource that meets your needs, a 3rd party may not be appropriate.

However, if you rely on your IT infrastructure to successfully perform day-to-day, and you wish to leverage technology to help you better reach your business goals, consider a comprehensive IT services provider. With a fully managed IT services provider, you can rest assured that your systems are taken care of. Your data is more secure from potential loss, breach, or theft. And help is at hand when needed. Anything that is related to IT would be handled by an expert – leaving you 100% free to focus on your core business.

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