Streamline Expenses in Q1 with Canon’s UniFLOW-Part I


Canon UniFlow

Awhile back, Advance President, Jeff Elkin, shared his thoughts about the key considerations when choosing a technology partner. As Jeff pointed out, the driving force should be trust. At Advance, we build on that trust by providing recommendations focused on helping organizations achieve two primary outcomes: increased productivity and reduced expenses. Who doesn’t want to streamline expenses, especially in the first quarter?

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Years ago, as a company that primarily sold hardware, Advance would look to create efficiencies and reduce client costs through copier and fax solutions. Next, came the addition of networked laser printers and multifunctional copiers. Then, as workflow transitioned from paper to electronic, our solutions involved software based document management systems.  Today, Advance takes a truly consultative approach to developing an information workflow strategy, which could include hardware, software and professional services.

Among our newest products are applications that manage the different types of solutions that we have historically offered, through a user accessible, centralized dashboard. This allows our clients to monitor and control how information moves throughout their organization, all while focusing on the goals of improving productivity and reducing expenses.

Canon’s uniFLOW is one example of such applications, designed to manage the print, copy and scan workflow in an organization. It offers improved printing productivity, cost management, document capture and device management, all from an easy to use interface. Core modules and benefits include:

Easily track usage across all output devices.

Secure Printing
User authentication for releasing print jobs at the multifunctional.

Rules Based Routing
Create custom rules that all print jobs are measured against.

Mobile Printing
Print capabilities for both in-house employees and guests.


In my next post, I’ll delve deeper into each of these features in Part II of Streamline Expenses in Q1. As always, if your organization is looking for a partner who will take the time to truly understand the workflow of your critical documents and information, consider Advance, 410-252-4800.