Does Your Password Pass the Test?


Bad passwords are bad for business. Most people are not using passwords that adhere to appropriate length and complexity. The most common passwords are all brute forcible in a matter of seconds. That is… if they have not already been exposed in a previous data breach.

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So how does your password stand up when it comes to crack-ability?

Did Your Passwords Pass the Test?

If not, that’s okay! Refer to our actionable next steps below to get your team back on track!

Keep Your Team Up to Date on Cybersecurity Best Practices

  • Discourage reused, sequential, iterated, recycled or simple passwords
  • Encourage use of secure password storage vaults
  • Solve access problems to discourage sharing passwords for convenience
  • Increase phishing training to prevent password compromises

Add Multifactor Authentication (MFA) for Every User

  • Weak user-made passwords are strengthened with a second identifier
  • Requiring a second credential takes the sting out of stolen or compromised passwords
  • MFA is a necessary compliance tool with HIPPA, PC-DSS, CJIS, FFIECC and more
  • Identifiers and tokens can be delivered via app for remote workers

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