Baltimore nonprofits strive for balance


My recent travels have brought me to several of our nonprofit clients looking to navigate a tricky world when communicating with potential donors. We have found that many small and mid-sized nonprofits rely on printed materials. Often times, these groups are mailing or distributing information to generate donations and keep their constituents informed on the progress of their mission.

Many of these organizations are wonderful in achieving their goals. They’ve mastered the art of development and fundraising, but technology doesn’t always come as easily. We have seen many of these groups put information on their web sites, but a significant percentage of their communications keeps coming back to the printed piece.

Here is the challenge they face in these economic times. Many sources of donations are under pressure, the various members of the nonprofit community are “competing” for the same dollars. Individuals and corporations that fund these efforts are being forced to make difficult choices between worthy causes. Nonprofits need to be presented in a professional and organized light, creating the peace of mind to the donors that their money is being used to fund the mission of a well put together organization.  Bright, high quality printed materials can show that a firm is professionally run and will be around in a few years to continue serving the needs of the members.

On the other hand, to send out mass quantities of printing press (i.e. beautiful, but expensive looking) materials can turn off some of the donors that want to partner with groups that will be good stewards of the money. We have many organizations that will use better paper, design around the capabilities of in house color mfp printing, to get nice…but not lavish collateral pieces.

We have helped our clients run shorter runs, more customized printed pieces while walking that fine line between professional and ostentatious. We believe you can project an image of success with your printed materials while having financial efficiency with shorter print commitments.  For a free demonstration of what our multifunctional printers and copiers can do, reach out to us. Bring a thumb drive with your files and we’ll actually produce a collateral piece or poster supporting your cause.