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Community Service Day | November 8, 2019


“Grateful to be part of an organization that gives back. Thankful to be part of this opportunity.”

"It is really hard not to feel extreme gratitude and when we are done today it will be hard not to have a different perspective on life."

"We all have things that stress us out, but this puts in perspective how some of our stresses are insignificant. Anyone can [donate] but giving of yourself is inspiring."

"It was only one business day, but I felt like we made such a difference!"

"Honored to be here. I am new to the organization and it is amazing to be part of an organization who makes giving back part of its core values."




Advance supported Blue Water Baltimore by planting trees in a Randallstown neighborhood. Why do trees matter so much?

Improve Air Quality & Human Health

Keep Our Communities Cooler & Combat Heat Islands

Reduce Energy Bills

Increase Property Values

Beautify Neighborhoods


How Can You Get Involved?


Meet new people, explore Baltimore, and lend a helping hand as a Blue Water Baltimore volunteer. Blue Water Baltimore welcomes individual volunteers and groups alike! One-time and regular volunteer opportunities are available to plant and maintain trees, pick up trash and litter, help with sales and plants at Herring Run Nursery, Make storm drain art, track down pollution with our waterkeeper team, and lend a hand at our main office.

Report Pollution

Report pollution using Blue Water Baltimore's online reporting tool, call 911 immediately if you see illegal dumping in progress, or contact your local environmental agency. Every little bit helps!

Engage in Advocacy

Blue Water Baltimore advocates for important policies and initiatives at the local, state, and federal levels.  These policies that are critical to protecting our streams and rivers, ensuring public health and safety, and improving the quality of life for all Maryland residents. 

Plant Trees

Trees make a big impact for clean water and healthier, happier communities. Blue Water Baltimore's Community Forestry team has planted thousands of trees across the Baltimore region. Thanks to the helping hands of volunteers, they can plant, water, mulch, and maintain hundreds of new trees annually.

Plant Native Plants

A garden full of plants native to Maryland is a great way to reduce stormwater pollution while providing habitat and food for butterflies, birds, and pollinators. Trees, shrubs, flowers, and grasses that are native to the region and well-adapted to the planting site are attractive and use fewer inputs – like irrigation, fertilizers, and maintenance – than turf grass or fussy non-native ornamental plants.

Harvest Rainwater

Rainwater Harvesting: Every Drop Counts! Rain barrels are a great way to conserve water, reduce stormwater pollution, combat flooding and erosion, and so much more.

Storm Drain Art

Help spread the word about the connection between our streets and our streams by painting storm drain art in your neighborhood!


Making a Difference


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