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How to Send a Secure Print Job on Your Canon Device

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This video will walk you through step-by-step instructions detailing how to print in a Secure Print mode through the print driver to hold the print job on the device. It will show you the options to select in printer properties to change the Output method and where to input the User Name and PIN information. The video will walk you through the steps at the machine on how to release the print job by selecting the Secure Print icon on the panel.


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Relevant Equipment

These instructions are pertinent to the following equipment:

Canon 4025/4035/4045/4051, Canon 4225/4235/4245/4251, Canon 4525/4535/4545/4551, Canon 5055/5065/5075, Canon 6065/6075/8085/8095, Canon 6255/6265/6275/8205 /8285/8295, Canon 6555/6555/6575/8505/8585/8595I, Canon C2020/C2030, Canon C2225/C2230, Canon C33301/C33251 Canon C 3501F/C 3 50P/C 2501F, Canon C352 5I/C35301, Canon C3551F/2551F, Canon C3561F/C2561F, Canon C35611/C356III/C25611/C256111, Canon C5030/C5035/C5045/C5051, Canon C4080/C4580/C5185, Canon C4080/C4580/C5185, Canon C 523 5/C 5240/C 5250/C 5255, Canon C5535/C 5540/C 5550/C 5560, Canon C7565/C7570/C7580, Canon C7055/C7065/C9065/C9075, Canon C7260/C7270/C9270/C9280, Canon DX 4751i /47451 47351/ 472 51, Canon DX 8705/8795/8786/6780/6765/6755, Canon DX C3571f/C2571fCanon DX C37301/C37251, Canon DX C57601/C57501/C57401/C5735, Canon DX C77801/C77701/C77651, Canon VP 110/VP 120/VP 13 5/11PBOX

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