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Printing Features on Your Ricoh/Savin IM Series Device

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This video will walk you through common printing features on your Ricoh/Savin IM Series machine. Review step-by-step instructions detailing how to access the Printer icon on the Ricoh/Savin Home screen to Reset or cancel a print job. It will also walk you through how to access and release a Lock or Hold print by selecting the Print Jobs tab, select you your name, select the print and hit Print. It will show you how to enter the password for the Lock Print option.

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Relevant Equipment

These instructions are pertinent to the following equipment:
Savin IM C300, Ricoh IM C300, Savin IM 350F, Ricoh IM 350F, Savin IM C400F, Ricoh IM C400F, Savin IM C2000, Ricoh IM C2000, Savin IM C2500, Ricoh IM C2500, Savin IM 430F, Ricoh IM 430F, Savin IM 550F, Ricoh IM 550F, Savin IM 600SRF, Ricoh IM 600SRF, Savin IM C3000, Ricoh IM C3000, Savin IM C3500, Ricoh IM C3500, Savin IM C4500, Ricoh IM C4500, Savin IM C6000, Ricoh IM C6000

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