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How to Change the Staples on Your Canon Machine

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This video will walk you through how you can change the staples on your Canon copier. It will show you open the front door of the finisher and remove the staples cartridge from the cartridge carrier. It will walk you through how to remove the cartridge from the casing and insert the new cartridge into the casing until it clicks into position. You will see how to insert the staple unit back into the cartridge carrier and close the finisher door.

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Relevant Equipment

These instructions are pertinent to the following equipment:

imageRUNNER ADVANCE DX C5870i, DX C5860i, DX C5850i, DX C5850i, DX C3835i, DX C3830i, DX C3826i, DX C5750i, DX C5740i, DX C5735i, DX C3730i, DX C3725i, C5560i III, C5535i III,  DX C7780i,  DX C7770i, DX C7765i, C7580i III, C7570i III, C7565i III

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