Advance is Changing the Outsourced IT Experience


This is an excerpt from an article posted in May through the CIOReview:

The realities of today’s job market make outsourcing an increasingly relevant option for businesses to consider. Pair the workforce considerations with the rapidly evolving technology landscape and Managed IT Services have become an incredibly smart way to tackle IT for businesses. However, many businesses are hesitant to take the leap to outsourcing because of potential downsides such as a disruption to culture and customer experience for their team members.

Advance has developed a unique service delivery model that not only challenges the status quo of the outsourced experience but creates partnership that clients can trust and deserve. Advance offers Managed IT Services for businesses that need a reliable partner to provide strategic planning, cyber security, and ongoing technology support. Drawing on its years of experience, the company excels in developing processes that enable them to best integrate with clients and act as an extension of their team.

How Advance Does IT:

Company Culture:

Organizations trust Advance as a provider that truly represents their brand, culture, and business. Advance provides its customers with best-in-class technology and service but what they truly provide is themselves–in the form of real human support, honest-to-goodness integrity, and respect. They focus not only on technical skills, but personal and professional development of team members so that those teammates, in turn, can provide the very best experience and support for their clients. When Advance is better, their clients’ businesses are better.

Onboarding & Understanding:

Backed by its in-depth industry knowledge and a thorough engagement process, Advance invests time in understanding what clients do and how they do it to ensure a successful partnership. The company has a unique onboarding process that captures more than just data on client infrastructure. It helps the Advance team understand a client’s business, priorities, and goals to better serve each member of their organization.

Dedicated Team:

One of Advance’s favorite sayings is, “business is a human thing.” Advance believes that it is crucial to find a provider that not only has a dedicated team to meet client needs but who also aligns with each team’s business culture and needs. Advance deploys a unique matching process to ensure each organization is paired with the right resources to support their goals. Advance draws on not only their experience in each specific industry but also from the initiatives currently in place and each organization’s unique business personality to develop a strategy. All team members at Advance are highly trained and incredible humans that thrive on helping clients be successful.

Driven by an unwavering commitment to improving customers’ businesses, Advance will continue serving as a go-to partner that helps clients unravel complex IT challenges and enable them to drive their business forward.