Advance Business Systems – It’s In Their DNA: Culture, Values and Being Laser Focused on the Customer

This is an excerpt from an article posted on December 10, 2019 through i95Business Magazine:

Sitting in a glassed walled room with a view of what appears to be a NASA control room, Advance Business Systems’ IT Command Center is impressive. The room encompasses a digital energy and could be mistaken for Advance Business Systems’ (Advance) hub; however, it is not its center, but instead Advance’s center appears to be the man who sits in the conference room calmly waiting to share evidence of great employees and superior Advance services.

Jeff Elkin, Advance Business Systems President, proudly shares Advance initiatives such as an improved Order through Delivery Process that redefines internal work flow for delivering products and services to ensure an exceptional customer experience. Another initiative that is unique to Advance is their technology installation experience. The way devices are configured and securely connected to networks was unique to the industry and greatly enhances the customer experience. Elkin proudly states that both initiatives were generated by Advance employees.

Putting Maslow’s Theory to the Test

Abraham Harold Maslow, an American psychologist best known for creating Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, believed that humans must have certain innate needs filled before they can ever reach their full potential. In other words, humans must experience safety, belonging and esteem before they can experience self-actualization, which is when they will want to do well for others. His theory is often used as a model for motivation, and in the case of Advance Business Systems, Maslow appears to be correct.

The supportive culture at Advance is obvious as soon as you enter the building. A friendly face greets visitors as if they were long lost friends. The receptionist, Denise, eagerly shares information on the numerous awards positioned in the Advance lobby with heartfelt warmth and admiration. A monitor affixed to the wall next to her desk flashes employees’ names who are celebrating work anniversaries – 13 years, one year, seven years and 27 years. Denise offers that she has been employed for 23 years at Advance and with a smile states, “We live and breathe this stuff!”

While waiting to be escorted to the IT Command Center, other employees pass through the lobby and all of them smile and say hello. Can this be true? Could everyone be happy at Advance? Well, if they are, it is clearly from the top down.

Why Wouldn’t You Be Excited?

According to Elkin, Advance transitioned seamlessly from an entrepreneur company that cares to an organization of employees who care. Elkin’s wish is to continue to build connections and for the local community “to be excited about their relationship with Advance.” This appears to already be true. In the long hallway adjacent to the reception area, a display of thank you letters pays homage to all of the customers who are thankful for their relationship with Advance. And, the employees … well … they obviously care for Advance, too.

Upon leaving Advance, a random employee shared her thoughts about her employer. Marketing Specialist Olivia Bushong states she knew Advance was the place to work when she had her initial interview with the company. Fresh out of college, Bushong was hired because she embodied the “attitude” that Advance Business Systems values.

“The people define Advance and I’m lucky to be the steward. Our greatest asset is our people,” says Elkin. “It’s not just about Advance’s DNA; all of our employees share the same DNA.” I95 Sponsored Content

The Advance Way

After successful careers, Alan and Lois Elkin decided it was time to do something different, and different is what they did.

The Elkins built Advance on two important values: the customer is No. 1 and employees are family.

While sharing Advance’s history, Jeff Elkin reminisces that it was not unusual for him and his father to leave a family meal to go tend to a customer’s need. This value system is the same value system that continues today at Advance, and Elkin acknowledges that he has utmost respect for what his parents built and plans to continue that legacy.

The Advance Culture And Why It Works

The Elkins established an environment where employees feel they can make an impact and that they matter. Employees are encouraged to seek better ways of meeting customer needs while collectively solving problems. To ensure that employees’ needs are met, Advance provides opportunities for both personal and professional growth whilst they continue to have passion for doing the right thing.

What Does Advance Business Systems Offer Besides a Great Place to Work?

If you think Advance is about copiers, you would be missing a big part of the equation. For the past 54 years, Advance has provided clients innovative business solutions such as: