Advance is Granted Ricoh/Savin 2021 RFG Circle of Excellence Award

Advance Business Systems is the recipient of the 2021 RFG Circle of Excellence award from Ricoh USA, a global technology company that delivers products, services and solutions to help companies make the most of their information and work faster, smarter and more successfully.  

The RFG Circle of Excellence award recognizes dealers who have demonstrated outstanding service and support to its customers and exceeded Ricoh/Savin’s requirements for service excellence. This year’s award is especially meaningful as the pandemic caused a radical shift in the needs of Advance’s customers and their service team did a phenomenal job of quickly pivoting to meet those needs. The service team was quickly transitioned from on-site to remote using the same best practices that enabled Advance’s IT customers to swiftly shift to remote environments seamlessly without skipping a beat. The service team was also recognized for the exceptional quality of their day-to-day service of customer equipment and for their rigorous training program required for all new service members before entering the field. In addition, Advance’s service team was recognized for its ability to effectively manage productivity and efficiency of their field teams and Help Desk program, while continually tracking and improving customer satisfaction 

We are a people company with an intense passion for improving our customers’ businesses and enhancing our team members’ lives.’ This is our mission and it defined how our organization responded to the challenges caused by Covid.  Our top priority was to keep our team members employed and to continue to give our customers an experience that is second to none. Advance saw an opportunity to double down on our commitment to the training and development of our team which was key to not just preserving, but enhancing the service experience for our customers. This award is validation that we are staying on track,” says Jeff Elkin, President of Advance. 

Advance is honored to have received this award for many years in a row which exemplifies its ongoing commitment to investing in its service and support teams in order to provide the highest level of service to its customers. 


About Advance 

Advance is an iconic Baltimore-based business serving the Maryland business community for over 56 years! They attribute their longevity to delivering exceptional service to customers as well as their commitment to the growth and development of their employees. Advance’s mission: “We are a people company with an intense passion for improving our customers’ businesses and enhancing our team members’ lives,” is the guiding principle behind their every action. Advance partners with Maryland businesses to identify areas within their organizations that would benefit from more effective technology and processes to help increase efficiencies while maintaining the security of their data and the safety of their employees. Advance provides Hardware, Managed IT, Managed Print, Document Management and Software Enhancement services.  

From its inception in 1964, Advance has made caring for and investing in its employees and their families a top priority. The culture is team-oriented and collaborative with standardized processes in place that create efficiencies that are utilized at every level of the organization. Advance has been able to consistently thrive in the Baltimore marketplace by constantly adapting to and staying ahead of business and technology innovations.  


About Ricoh 

Ricoh is a global technology company that has been transforming the way people work for more than 80 years. “We’re empowering digital workplaces, which means connecting people to information, faster and more conveniently than ever before. We’ll help you to improve employee productivity, better serve your customers, and grow your business. 

With a strong history of introducing new technologies into the workplace, Ricoh continues to enable companies and individuals to work smarter with innovative products and dynamic solutions that help businesses grow and profit.