Advance is Granted 2021 National Top Workplaces Award


Advance Business Systems is proud to announce that it is a recipient of the 2021 National Top Workplaces award. This award celebrates nationally recognized companies that make the world a better place to work by prioritizing a people-centered culture and giving employees a voice. Organizations awarded were recognized for their commitment to strong values, communication between employees and management, innovation and efficiency based solely on employee feedback gathered through a third-party survey administered by employee engagement technology partner Energage, LLC. The anonymous survey uniquely measures employee responses in 15 categories that are critical to the cultural success of any organizationThis year’s survey results are especially significant as businesses faced unprecedented challenges due to the pandemic.

“In times of great change, it is more important than ever to maintain a connection among employees,” said Eric Rubino, Energage CEO. “When you give your employees a voice, you come together to navigate challenges and shape your path forward based on real-time insights into what works best for your organization. The Top Workplaces program can be that positive outcome your company can rally around in the coming months to celebrate leadership and the importance of maintaining an employee-focused culture, even during challenging times.”    

“While we are proud of all the awards that Advance receives, being a Top Workplace is especially meaningful. In addition to providing extraordinary customer experiences, our mission and culture place a huge emphasis on the members of our Advance family. This award is affirmation that we are on the right track in this neverending journey,” says President, Jeff Elkin.


About Advance

Advance is an iconic Baltimore-based business serving the Maryland business community for over 56 years! They attribute their longevity to delivering exceptional service to customers as well as their commitment to the growth and development of their employees. Advance’s mission: “We are a people company with an intense passion for improving our customers’ businesses and enhancing our team members’ lives,” is the guiding principle behind their every action. Advance partners with Maryland businesses to identify areas within their organizations that would benefit from more effective technology and processes to help increase efficiencies while maintaining the security of their data and the safety of their employees. Advance provides Hardware, Managed IT, Managed Print, Document Management and Software Enhancement services.  

From its inception in 1964, Advance has made caring for and investing in its employees and their families a top priority. The culture is team-oriented and collaborative with standardized processes in place that create efficiencies that are utilized at every level of the organization. Advance has been able to consistently thrive in the Baltimore marketplace by constantly adapting to and staying ahead of business and technology innovations. As soon as the threat of the pandemic was evident, Advance transitioned its workforce from on-site to remote while making modifications to its physical locations to ensure the health and safety of those still working on-premise. The same best practices that enabled Advance’s IT customers to swiftly switch to remote environments where executed seamlessly within its own organization.    


About Energage 

Energage offers a fully unified SaaS platform, plus support and professional services, to help organizations recruit and retain the right talent. As a B-Corporation founding member, Energage has committed itself to the purpose of making the world a better place to work together. Based on 14 years of culture research, the engine behind 51 Top Workplaces programs across the country, and data gathered from over 20 million employees at 60,000 organizations, Energage has isolated the 15 drivers of engaged cultures that are critical to the success of any business, and developed the tools and expertise to help organizations measure, shape and showcase their unique culture to achieve a sustainable competitive advantage. For more information, please visit Follow us on Twitter @teamenergage and Facebook and LinkedIn @energage.