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Are your digital processes delivering actual productivity?

The push to convert documents and files from hardcopy to digital is fueled by promises of greater productivity, improved speed and time saved from tedious work. However, simply swapping manual physical processes for manual digital processes means that productivity remains unrealized. Just because a workflow is made to be digital doesn’t make it efficient. In fact, a manual digital process can end up having more “moving parts” and more touch points — creating more chances for human error.

The answer is not in going backward but in going forward to secure the promised productivity of digital workflows. We accomplish this by reducing the burden of data entry and the need for workers to continually shepherd files along to where they need to go. When automation is done right, it is intelligent, repeatable and reliable.

Why Cloud Workflow Solutions?

  • Reduce manual data entry
  • Route information where it’s needed
  • Organize content for efficient retrieval
  • Direct scan-to-cloud accounts, including SharePoint®
  • Extract useful data from paper
  • Improve accounting processes and speed up billing
  • Get up and running fast with no capital expenditures, onsite servers or special software to implement
  • Gain continuous, ongoing access to the latest technology
  • Focus on outcomes instead of worrying about ownership
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Client Testimonial

“[Advance] took the time to get to know us and all the needs of our small operation. [Advance] presented intelligent options for saving us money and over all made us feel like they would truly take care of our copier needs both now and as we hopefully continue to grow in the future.”

Steve R.
Hardware Solutions Customer