Ricoh’s Smart Integration Workflows


Transforming simple copiers into the information hub of the office

Ricoh Smart Integration Workflows

Your copier is much more than a machine used to print paper documents. Nowadays, your multifunctional device is your office’s hub for sending, receiving, and retrieving information. Do you know all of the ways in which your copier can improve the way your office is sharing information?

Say hello to Ricoh’s Smart Integration Workflows that effectively transform your device from physical office equipment to the information hub of the office.

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An Antiquated Workflow

Do you use SharePoint, Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive, or Box?  If so, then you’re well accustomed to the process of getting scanned paper to the cloud.  Users typically scan to their email, download the attachments to a PC, and then upload them to a cloud service, while entering metadata (digital data that describes the information that you are sending) and manually renaming the file. This seems like a lot of steps for a simple file share. Think of the security vulnerabilities and the opportunity for human error as your employees develop workarounds and skip important steps in order to get their work done more efficiently.

Ricoh’s Smart Integration Workflows: A Better Way

Ricoh’s Smart Integration Workflows replace this tedious process with direct scanning and routing, right from the Smart Operation Panel of your multifunctional device.  Documents can be securely uploaded to the proper location in the cloud, using various file formats, including Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to allow for searching or editing.  With workflows such as Advanced Scan to SharePoint, required metadata fields are even automatically populated.

Want an even easier process?  How about automatic routing and naming using QR code cover sheets!  Ricoh’s Smart Integration Workflows make it possible to realize true productivity, without additional investments in IT resources or onsite software.

Workflow capabilities include:

  • Advanced Scan-to-Folder: Scan and organize documents in a cloud application. Even create folders and files with names based on provided metadata.
  • Multi Destination Scan: Easily scan and send documents to cloud applications, as an email attachment and as a fax – all at the same time. In addition, you have the option to print scanned documents on the device.
  • QR Cover Sheet: Print embedded QR code cover sheets with user-defined attributes you’re your machine’s operation panel. You can also scan and route documents to a cloud application while you’re at it.
  • Cloud Service Print: Print files from a cloud repository by browsing and selecting files directly from the MFP operation panel.
  • QR Read and Route: Scan documents with embedded QR codes and automatically route to a cloud application.
  • Auto Route Scan: Scan a stack of documents – the application will auto classify the document types – and route to a cloud application destination folder.
  • Advanced Scan to SharePoint: Scan a document to a library in SharePoint Online. Metadata fields are populated based on the information provided at the MFP operation panel.

Why Should I Adopt Ricoh’s Smart Integration Workflows for My Office?

  • Automated workflow technology is usually too expensive for smaller organizations to afford. Since the servers and software are hosted by Ricoh, the costs are much lower, as they are shared among all customers. (In fact – ask us about our free trial!)
  • Improve efficiency at your organization by simplifying or automating the process of getting documents to their destinations
  • Create one-touch buttons for frequently used document workflows
  • Preview the scanned document before sending to the destination
  • Print directly from cloud accounts such as Dropbox, GDrive or OneDrive for Business

How can I obtain Smart Integration Workflows at my organization?

To talk to an expert at Advance about how we can implement Smart Integration Workflows at your business, please fill out the form below, or give us a call at 410.431.3978. For the next few weeks, we are offering a free trial to our customers, at no cost!