The Maryland Food Bank

Community Service Day | September 11, 2019


“Grateful to be part of an organization that gives back. Thankful to be part of this opportunity.”

"The Maryland Food Bank is one of Advance's customers that I've worked with for many years now and it feels great to be able to give back to this incredible organization!"

"It is really hard not to feel extreme gratitude and when we are done today it will be hard not to have a different perspective on life."

"We all have things that stress us out, but this puts in perspective how some of our stresses are insignificant. Anyone can [donate] but giving of yourself is inspiring."

"It was only one business day, but I felt like we made such a difference!"

"I am honored to be here. I am new to the organization and it is amazing to be part of an organization who makes giving back part of its core values."

"It's so great to give back to our local community and be a part of something that positively impacts the lives of so many of our neighbors!"

"It is so amazing to be able to feel the impact we're creating in the community! I have already set up plans with my fiancee to go back and volunteer at the food bank again!"




Advance supported the Maryland Food Bank by sending 17 Advance teammates to volunteer at their Baltimore Warehouse location.

Sorting Food

Advance teammates sorted donated food into categories to be delivered to various food food pantries throughout the state of Maryland.

Creating Meal Kits

Advance employees were responsible for filling up boxes full of category-specific donations to be delivered across the state. Some of the categories included: baking, breakfast and fruit!

How Can You Get Involved?


There are many ways for volunteers to help at the Maryland Food Bank. You can sign up to assist in warehouses, kitchens, offices, farms, markets, or live events.


Raise donations using your personal fundraising page. Your friends and family can even join you to reach a common goal!

Host a Food Drive

Help feed our hungry neighbors by hosting a food drive. Whether you’re collecting canned goods at a school or organizing a traditional food drive in your community, every donation makes a difference. If you want to make even more of an impact, consider a Virtual Food Drive.


1 in 9 Marylanders are Hungry

Donate today and help support hungry children, seniors, and families who don’t know where their next meal is coming from. Change starts with you.


Making a Difference


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