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Community Service Day | March 25, 2019


“Grateful to be part of an organization that gives back. Thankful to be part of this opportunity.”

"I really enjoyed myself knowing I was able to help Believe in Tomorrow Foundation with the areas they needed our assistance. I look forward to my next experience!"

"It is really hard not to feel extreme gratitude and when we are done today it will be hard not to have a different perspective on life."

"We all have things that stress us out, but this puts in perspective how some of our stresses are insignificant. Anyone can [donate] but giving of yourself is inspiring."

"It was only one business day, but I felt like we made such a difference!"

"Honored to be here. I am new to the organization and it is amazing to be part of an organization who makes giving back part of its core values."

"Today was all about two things that matter a lot to me: Believe in Tomorrow Foundation and enhancing our teammates life. I'm excited for the future!"




Advance supported the Believe in Tomorrow Foundation by deep cleaning the premises, power washing the courtyard, building bookshelves for common spaces, auditing the pantry, baking truffles and cupcakes, and cooking dinner for the families staying at Believe in Tomorrow House while family members receive care.

Baking & Cooking

Several Advance teammates spent their time at the Children's House preparing dinner and dessert for the families of the home!

Deep Cleaning

We ensured each family's experience was happy and healthy by cleaning the guests rooms and re-painting baseboards.

Outdoor Spring Cleaning

Several Advance employees power-washed the outdoor garden courtyard, planted spring flowers, and hung outdoor lights for families to enjoy in the warmer season!

Building Bookcases

This team spent their day building brand new bookcases for the Children's House library, and organizing books on the shelves.

General Cleaning

We disinfected toys and surfaces and replenished family pantries with yummy food for guests to enjoy.

How Can You Get Involved?

Family Supper

Come prepare and enjoy a delicious meal with the families. This is a great opportunity for groups!


The Believe In Tomorrow Children’s House is always looking for friendly volunteers to work at the front desk, answering phones and helping to direct families. This is a perfect position for students.

Family Activities

Bring a smile to the faces of our children and families by hosting a fun activity for all to enjoy. A few examples include arts and crafts projects, holiday-themed events, marshmallow roasting, and magic shows. Please contact us with your ideas!


We need a variety of skilled workers that can work off a list of general maintenance needs to keep the house in great shape. If you’re great at certain tasks (plumbing, electricity, etc.) please contact us to join the volunteer maintenance team!

Cleaning & Laundry

The Believe In Tomorrow Children’s House welcomes anyone willing to lend a hand by deep cleaning rooms, common areas, and kitchens, or by helping with extra laundry.


In the spring and summer, the house is accented with colorful blooming flowers in the backyard garden and front flower boxes. Got a green thumb? We need your gardening expertise to help keep our gardens looking beautiful!

Corporate Team Building

Looking for a way to get your company involved for a day? We can host groups with a variety of team-building projects. Contact us today to see what we can arrange for your group.

Wish List Drives

Anyone can become a volunteer by organizing and hosting a wish list drive for our facilities. This is especially a great opportunity for school, community, or social groups to help with! Please contact us for a copy of our current Hospital Housing Wish List and to set up your drive.


Making a Difference


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