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Community Service Day | July 12, 2019


“Grateful to be part of an organization that gives back. Thankful to be part of this opportunity.”

"It was a totally new experience for me to work with individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities, and I was nervous before I went. Once I was there, I realized that this group of people was just like any other, and that there was nothing to be nervous about. I made many quick friends that afternoon and had a ton of fun!"

"It is really hard not to feel extreme gratitude and when we are done today it will be hard not to have a different perspective on life."

"We all have things that stress us out, but this puts in perspective how some of our stresses are insignificant. Anyone can [donate] but giving of yourself is inspiring."

"It was only one business day, but I felt like we made such a difference!"

"I am honored to be here. I am new to the organization and it is amazing to be part of an organization who makes giving back part of its core values."

"My most rewarding moment was spending time with a young man with whom I struggled to communicate all afternoon. After pointing to the number 5 on his bingo board, we counted together until we made it all the way to 5. I felt a strong connection with him because we learned how to communicate with one another, even with his verbal restrictions."

"The best part of my experience was seeing the laughter and smiles on the faces of the people whose lives are so different, and knowing that I had a part in making that happen."




Advance supported the Arc Baltimore by facilitating a Friday afternoon of bingo fun with participants of the Arc's Day Services program.

Game Play

Advance teammates facilitated the game of bingo for participants. We called numbers, manned the prize table and sat with members to help with game play.

Prize and Snack Donation

Before our day of service, Advance employees held a Prize and Snack Drive for donation to the Arc Baltimore! All bingo participants were awarded a prize, a favorite being silly sunglasses!

Making Friends

The best part of going to the Arc Baltimore was the opportunity to make a new friend! We played bingo, took selfies, shared an afternoon snack, and rang in the weekend with a fun-filled afternoon.

How Can You Get Involved?

Volunteers and Interns

Get involved with the Arc Baltimore through the gift of your time as a volunteer or through a structured internship approved by your school or college. Volunteers and interns can be placed in a variety of settings and times according to interests and availability. 


Luminaries is The Arc Baltimore’s young professionals network that encourages young leaders (and those young at heart) to make an impact, connect with like-minded peers, network with industry leaders, and gain a new perspective on the mission of The Arc Baltimore and disabilities. Consider joining today!

Advocacy & Public Policy

The Arc Baltimore has a long history of advocacy to increase the rights of and services for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD). Our activities and policy goals are aimed at:

  • Securing new and expanded funding for needed services for all persons with I/DD
  • Promoting laws and regulations that assure equal rights, opportunity and treatment for all persons with I/DD
  • Securing well-funded and integrated public education programs for students with I/DD (including other needed services for children and youth such as day care, foster care, infants and toddlers programs, respite care, etc.)
  • Preserving and advancing publicly supported benefits (including income, housing, health services and other necessary supports) for individuals with I/DD who are not able to (fully) support themselves with income from working
  • Other matters that improve the quality of life for children and adults with I/DD and their families.

Making a Difference


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